Please read the followings before you proceed:
1. Ensure that the required informations (*) in the form is complete. Incomplete form will not be processed.
2. Deferment of fees is allowed until the deadline set by the University.
3. Failure to pay the fees within the stipulated time given, will result in the revocation of student's status.
4. You need to REGISTERED as a student and make sure your status is active before you can use this system.
5. Please make sure you have the latest bill to enable you to use this system.
6. *For new registered student : Please wait at least 3 days after registration to enter the system.
7. *For returning student : Please register as a student and click 'Jana Bil'/Generate Bill in Student Portal, to enter the system.
8. Closing Date : 15 April 2020
Student Number :

*Ex: 2011234567
IC Number :

*Ex: 880707017877